Sexual Health

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is a safe and effective treatment method that addresses hormonal deficiencies and imbalances as we age. These hormones are recognized by the body as self because the natural bio-identical hormones that we use have a chemical structure identical to the hormones the human body produces naturally. Other treatment options are also available depending on the specific needs of each patient.

The key to treatment of female sexual dysfunction is an accurate diagnosis and understanding of the cause of her symptoms. Several diagnostic studies are used in combination to determine the best therapeutic interventions that fit your needs. Complete hormonal evaluation provides valuable information as to any hormone cause for symptoms and identify specific hormone deficiencies that can be corrected. But first, you should know ...

You Already Know ... your sex drive has decreased. You may be experiencing pain with intercourse and you have noticed the vagina to be dry requiring lubricants. In addition to a decreased desire, you’ve also notice that the quality of orgasms have become poor or none at all.

You May Not Know ... you are not alone as sexual dysfunction occurs in up to 70% of women and is even more common during perimenopause and menopause. Causes of sexual dysfunction are usually multifactorial and may be related to hormonal, physiological, endocrinological, psychological, and neurological issues.

You Need To Know ... female sexual dysfunction (FSD) can be improved or alleviated by many different therapeutic options. We work in partnership with our patients to accurately diagnose and effectively treat our patients who are experiencing FDS.

Types of female sexual dysfunction

Hypoactive Desire Disorder (HSDD) is defined as a diminished or absent of thoughts of sexual activity. Female orgasmic disorder is characterized by poor quality or no orgasmic experience despite significant foreplay. Dyspareunia is defined as pain with penetration and/or thrusting or discomfort that occurs after vaginal penetration with or without light vaginal bleeding.

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